Week 3

March 16, 2012 - We had a very good week last week at rehearsal. In three days not only did we have the whole show blocked, but also began working on full runs. The actors are exploring their mask work and are beginning to explore their masks and find them liberating. Brian, who is playing Pericles, even asked to wear one in rehearsal (because Pericles is the one character who doesn't get a mask) so he can fit into the world with everyone else.

 Going into last week, there was still a debate as to whether some of the major speaking roles would or would not have masks. That has been emphatically settled by everyone's work - all characters except Gower (our narrator) and Pericles (our lead and every-man) will have a mask and the actor's could be more excited. It lets them move fluidly between characters in our ensemble casting. That, of course, means that I have to make more masks. I will have pictures of them when they are done later in the week.

Thanks for checking in and hope to have more for you soon.

 Stephen Murray